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Project and Cost Management
Geologica Geothermal Group understands the complexity of consulting on multiple sites in several regions concurrently; we respond quickly and effectively accessing our geographic distribution of personnel. Geologica Geothermal Group will oversee all projects from a single location, though projects may be staffed locally. This centralized management approach will allow us to minimize costs while serving the client's goals and objectives.

Geologica Geothermal Group's project teams are coordinated and supported by proven procedures and techniques for planning, budgeting, scheduling, and controlling work efforts. We routinely utilize computerized project cost forecasting and project scheduling systems. This system enables us to report current expenditures at any time by task. The main goal of our cost control system is to complete projects in a timely, professional manner, thus keeping within the proposed budget.


Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC)
The basic method by which Geologica Geothermal Group maintains control and responsibility over a project is through developing, implementing, and adhering to a program or project-specific Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP). The QAPP will define quality assurance requirements for data handling, design procedures, plan specification preparation, task coordination, and design review. It will guide field, office, and management personnel in all aspects of the project. Geologica Geothermal Group develops the QAPP as an initial step in the project, and acting through the Program Manager, enforces the QAPP on subcontractor activities. Internal quality control will take place at several levels. Task supervisors are responsible for checking work performed under their direct supervision. Senior members of the team provide critical reviews of work performed by other team elements at each step of the project. Ultimate responsibility for the quality of the project rests with the Program Manager, who is a Principal of the firm, and represents the management of Geologica Geothermal Group.
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