As a small company, Geologica Geothermal Group's ownership and senior staff are intimately involved in the day-to-day aspects of project execution. Our cost and overhead structure allow us to assign experienced senior staff members to directly perform technical work which, at most large firms, would be undertaken by mid-level technical staff. Thus, we provide the unique advantage of "high-end" geothermal consulting capabilities with the cost-effectiveness of a small business enterprise. Our technical expertise includes geology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, resource exploration, development, and management, regulatory compliance and environmental planning as well as chemical, process, geotechnical and civil engineering.

Because of our principals' unique experience working throughout the United States and abroad, we specialize in providing local service to our clients wherever their sites may be. Typically, services are coordinated through a single point of contact with the client. The benefit of using Geologica Geothermal Group to conduct geothermal resource services in a particular region, nationwide, or worldwide include:

  • Organization: A single point of contact working through a dedicated team of principal investigators aware of the specialized needs of your company

  • Responsiveness: We understand the fast track nature of doing this type of work and are equipped to meet schedules with firm closing dates and other critical transaction deadlines

  • Quality: Quality of work is achieved by: (1) a corporate culture based on high quality; (2) established, strict corporate protocols and format guidelines; and (3) an internal review process for all documents

  • Cost Savings: Overall project costs are reduced through: (1) communication with our clients regarding their final project goals; (2) proper scoping; (3) appropriate use of innovative technologies; (4) identification and minimization of uncertainties; and (5) efficiencies gained from the combined experience of our personnel

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